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Please fill out the form on the Contact page with details about your project so we can help you choose the best fit for the job. You may also browse our list of talented animals on the Talent page and request talent from there.

How do I request an animal for a project?

To get into the official Hit The Mark Animal Talent talent pool and have the opportunity to be featured on our website, you must attend one of our Hollywood Animal classes or workshops. Please join our mailing list to be notified of upcoming workshops and training opportunities. 

Follow us on Facebook to see open casting calls.

My dog/cat/animal would be a great actor! How do I get involved?

We welcome animals of all species! 

Animals need to be bomb-proof on set - that means they are confident in the environment and not easily startled by chaos, moving pieces of equipment, or loud noises. They should be social and comfortable around strangers and children.

What animals do best?

Dogs and cats should have solid basic obedience in all environments. Specialized skills are job dependent, so training a variety of tricks and skills is always a plus! The animals are usually working at a significant distance from the trainer, so behaviors should be solid at a distance and with duration. Animals will also be working with actors, so must be able to work for strangers without trainer intervention.

Other species have different basic skill requirements - ask us!

What does my dog or cat need to know to be an actor?

We prefer it that way - animals generally perform better when their trainer is present on set.  A Hit The Mark wrangler will also be present on set with you to guide you.

We also have a plan if you are unable to be on set, your animal can still work.

Do I get to be on set?

Yes!  If we have a volunteer or non-paid job, that information will be included in the casting call. Payment is processed after the job is completed.

Do I get paid?


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